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This Pre-registration session is available in
Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines.

An innovative open world game with the imagination of Eastern Mythology.

A boundless universe, transform a mystical

wilderness, be whatever you want to be, one-of-a-kind ancient beasts,

versatile weapons for Better Combat

In ancient times, the battle between the gods caused the celestial river to spill its banks.

The Sage stole the "Spirit Orb" to halt the deluge.

Aurogon's daughter Bella collected the fragments of the Sage's soul, the remaining power of the Spirit Orb, and draconic fire essence to rebuild the Sage's body anew.

Having lost his precious Spirit Orb, Emperor Jun flew into a thunderous rage...

Home to rolling green mountains, tumultuous rivers, and rocky crags blanketed in snow, this land is brimming with life.

Chimeraland is teeming with talented beasts. Strong spirits wander far and wide.

All life is but a seed; beginning and end meet in an unending loop. All life is one with me, and I am one with all life.

There is never a lack of things to do in Chimeraland. Occasionally, you may stumble upon an odd building where you can sleep under the moon and stars.

The surge serpent landed in the sea and rescued Bella and the hero from danger...

The Central Pillars opened and Chimeraland came into being. Are the stars aligned in your favor, or against you? All is waiting to be revealed.

With the Spirit Orb, the Sage calmed the torrential flood with the help of the dragonborn, Bella, who commanded the essence of fire.

So came an end to the fury of the waters, and the life of the Sage. And both the Spirit Orb and Bella vanished without a whisper of where.

In the year 28137 of Chimeraland, the Spirit Orb yet appeared once more.

And with the tides of time, a new story begins.

And from the desolate chaos you are thrust unto a vast, ever-changing world.

Clad in white, a maiden appears before your gaze. She claims to be your guardian, laying words of wisdom about this unfamiliar land.

While she may guide your hand, the journey is ultimately yours to take. Some choose the path of risk and reward. Others, peace and tranquility. What great adventure lies before you?

In the vast exapanse of Chimeraland live strange and ancient beasts aplenty. During your arduous travels, some may turn to ally, while others remain wretched foes. Wherever it may be, you will share your journey with these mysterious creatures, from the tallest mountains to the deepest oceans.

Alongside come many travelers alike. Friend or foe, you do not know. It is you who chooses to swing the sword, or offer an open hand.

It is said that beyond the mortal realm lies the domain of the gods.

And in this perilous universe exist beasts of untold strength that draw upon the power of stars.

Alas, these whispers still remain a mystery. Boundless adventures lie in wait...